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A Saucy Evening

Last night, we had Fettuccine Alfredo. Not even the homemade stuff,
but rather the quick stuff from M&M (with the accompanying garlic
bread, of course). I haven’t had this dish in months, because like I
said before, I really do eat healthfully most of the time
(gratuitous  pecan pie consumption notwithstanding).

However, there was just no time to cook last night, so it was back to this old favourite.

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First of all, let me just point out that M&M makes the sauciest
take-out Fettuccine Alfredo in at least all of Ontario, and very
possibly also the world. I mean, look at that sauce! (the parsley is
from our garden).

Of course, we added lots of parmesan cheese for protein. I didn’t
work out yesterday, but I am still sore from Boot Camp on Wednesday so
clearly the cheese was mandatory.

This is actually one of the dishes that Ryan made for me when we
first started dating. In addition to parmesan and parsley, he also
modified it by adding in extra cream. It was divine.

This dish, along with Jamie Oliver’s spicy pasta and our daily
regimen of beer and wine at the time, is how I gained twenty pounds.

Thankfully, I figured out I could lose it by eating butter! I am now back to my happy weight.

The leftover garlic bread, however, is trying to eat the leftover parmesan.

Oh for the love of all that is healthy, how can I stop this travesty from happening?

… Clearly, someone has to eat that bread before the cheese suffers.

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Meet Trixie

Meet Trixie. Her hobbies include walking, getting chest and belly rubs, and thieving from the dining room table.

We went for a walk this weekend.

Because Trixie wanted to hunt for squirrels. See? That’s Trixie
saying “Mom, stop taking pictures of flowers! I just saw a squirrel!”

And I wanted to take pictures of flowers and use the fancy-pants camera I got in May before fall was over.

Because I never seem to have it on me when I encounter a leaf that just begs to be seen through a macro lens.

Or whatever these things are called.

We walked and walked until Trixie got tired.

IMG_1778 (640x427)  

And got home just in time, I think, because Frank had moved from this position:

… to this one:

I mean, I don’t even know what to say.

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My food philosophy in a nutshell

I’ve tried so many different ways of
eating, it makes me dizzy just to think about it. One day I’ll
definitely post about my not-so-duty-free past. But today, I’ll tell you
guys about the way of eating I have followed for the past couple of
years – I am pretty happy with it right now.

The Basics

I try to eat real food 80%-90% of the time, devoting the other 10-20% of what I eat to guilt-free pleasure.*

It’s kind of like what Benjamin Graham says about speculation vs.
investing. Not that I am doing either at the moment. (But if I were, I
would probably speculate 20% or less because a Soviet upbringing isn’t
very conducive to risk-taking.) It’s the same way with food. If I stop
eating desserts and nachos, my life feels woefully incomplete. But if I
eat too many, I start craving vegetables. If you were to tell me ten
years ago I would start craving vegetables if I ate too much chocolate, I
would probably have had a very premature heart attack.**

So that’s it in a nutshell – eat healthy most of the time, and
indulge without feeling bad about it afterwards. Because really, life is
too short.

*This month, my diet consists 20%
of pecan pie. This one was actually taken out of the freezer in the back
for me by the gracious grocery store staff. Public Service
Announcement: pecan pie is even better straight out of the freezer.

** That’s because ten years ago, I
literally bought a cinnamon bun every third period and a chocolate bar
every day for lunch. I was on a constant energy roller coaster. Usually
the chocolate bar was a Hershey’s Cookies & Creme. So tasty! But I
digress …

Some other mini-principles

  • When in doubt, I usually choose the fatty thing over the carby thing. I also try to eat butter at least once a day. It is heart-healthy, after all
  • I eat vegetables … almost every single day.
  • I think of “real food” as anything that occurs in nature with
    minimal processing. So olive oil is in, but canola is out. Butter is in,
    but margarine is out. Honey is in, but sugar is … oh who am I kidding,
    it’s still in, just not as often.
  • I eat carbs, but I do try to avoid sugar and flour as much as I reasonably can.
  • I don’t count calories or grams of any kind. I do aim to get enough
    fat and protein for my body, but I prefer to go with intuition over math
    on this one.

That’s it for me! What about you?

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